8 Home decor ideas to give your bedroom a quick makeover

8 Home decor ideas to give your bedroom a quick makeover

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to throw out your existing furniture or furnish your room from scratch to give it a complete makeover. A few changes here and there can have the biggest impact. Add a dash of color, a piece of vintage furniture you discovered at a market, a large planter in an empty corner or hang a painting that your artist friend created to metamorphose your room into a trendy space you love to spend time in.

Change the curtains
The best way to begin a room makeover is by changing the curtains. Curtains have the power to transform the look of your room. Whether you’re going for a modern, dramatic, classic or contemporary look, choosing the right curtains can help you translate your vision into reality. Include pops of colors or interesting textures to enhance the look.

Get new bedding
In the internet of things, getting themed bedding is perhaps just a click away. Mix and match different prints, materials, and textures to create the look you are aiming for. You can go boho, nautical, vintage or contemporary. Your choice of bedding can add character to your room.

Move around your furniture
Giving your room a complete makeover can be as simple as shifting the existing furniture around. While you are at it, de-clutter your room and incorporate stylish storage boxes to add to the look and keep your room well organized.

Add interesting furniture pieces
Head to a vintage store to find cool pieces of furniture with an interesting story behind them. Adding little items like a bed lamp, a corner table or a chest of draws can significantly spruce up the look of your room.

Cover a wall with photo frames
Print your favorite pictures in different sizes, get them framed and put it one of the walls in your room as a big piece of art. Experiment with layouts, colors, and patterns to add to your room’s existing theme.

Dress the floor with beautiful carpets
Make a statement by adding a vibrant and beautiful rug or carpet in your room. Choose carpets with bold patterns or vibrant colors to enhance the look of your room, all the while ensuring that it complements well with the existing decor. For instance, you can match the color of the carpet with a particular accessory or furniture in your room.

Change the wallpaper
Wallpapers are extremely versatile elements of home decor. You can add color and character to your rooms by choosing appropriate wallpapers. You can even get creative and use wallpapers on a chest of draws or on a wardrobe to create a funky look. Just have fun during the makeover process.